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Professional Partners

maciej skotarczak

managing partner / attorney at law

e-mail: mskotarczak@sdo.com.pl

bartosz dabrowski

managing partner / attorney at law / licensed trustee

e-mail: bdabrowski@sdo.com.pl

zbigniew olech

managing partner / attorney at law

e-mail: zolech@sdo.com.pl

michal myslicki

partner / attorney at law

e-mail: mmyslicki@sdo.com.pl

Legal Advisors and Attorneys At Law

joanna soltys

attorney at law

e-mail: jsoltys@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 401 521

agaty zimnicka

attorney at law / managerial skills trainer / Certified Internal Auditor

e-mail: azimnicka@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 698 480 103

katarzyna kurkierewicz

attorney at law

e-mail: kkurkierewicz@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 461 186

pawel tanski

attorney at law

e-mail: ptanski@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 698 494 917

bartosz stawarski

attorney at law / licensed trustee

e-mail: bstawarski@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 666 221 112

przemyslaw slozowski

Attorney at law

e-mail: pslozowski@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 457 942

Legal Advisors and Attorneys At Law

magda safianczuk

attorney at law

kamil kazmierczak

attorney at law

e-mail: kkazmierczak@sdo.com.pl
phone number: 698 495 179

patryk zasuwik

attorney's trainee

e-mail: pzasuwik@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 457 401

wojciech okragly

attorney at law / licensed trustee

e-mail: wokragly@sdo.com.pl
Phone number: +48 600 462 050


attorney at law

e-mail: mbirula@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 457 826

m wieczorek

attorney at law

Attorney’s Trainees

katarzyna jankowska

attorney's trainee

e-mail: kjankowska@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 698 494 914

klaudia jakoubowska

attorney's trainee

e-mail: kjakubowska@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 698 492 770

Attorney’s Assistants / Administration



e-mail: jteleszko@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 461 260

olga strzezek

attorney's assistant

e-mail: ostrzezek@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 461 260

joanna szczygiel

attorney’s assistant

e-mail: jszczygiel@sdo.com.pl
phone number: +48 600 461 260

Przemysław Ślozowski

Attorney at law. Graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Szczecin. An attendee of Post-Graduate Faculty on Commercial Companies at the Warsaw University.

His professional interests oscillate within business and penal issues, but no less of his attention is devoted to court cases; in fact, litigation seems to be his specialty.

Despite the young age, Przemek managed to earn multifaceted experience in various aspects of attorney's profession. Actively participates in legal consultancy for commercial companies, family enterprises as well as provides necessary assistance to individual Clients, ensuring them with ongoing legal support. He successfully deals with the most comprehensive and troublesome issues, also those connected with annulment of real estate obligations.

Diligent, responsible and well-organised. His statements and thoughts are always perfectly balanced and reach the heart of the matter. Insight and multidimensional approach to legal problems are his additional assets. As an open and amicable type, establishes contact with SDO's Clients at ease.

Avid traveller and active recreation lover. Fluency in English.


  • penal law
  • family law
  • commercial companies law
  • legal disputes



e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
nr tel.: 600 457 942


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