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Recovery, Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law Department

SDO's qualified professionals are available to give advice to entrepreneurs in both economic slowdown stage and other critical situations and respond to all of their special needs. Restructuring may be perceived not only as exponential changes in assets and liabilities of a company, but also as modifications of its organisational structure. The main aim of such an operation is to provide essential grounds so as to bring the growth of value of a company and improve its ability to compete on a market.

Provisions of law constitute a numerous amount instruments that enable achieving the abovementioned goals. Recovery reconstructing proceedings involve introduction of changes intended to stabilise structural functioning of a company and make it profitable. Both in theory and practice, this form of restructuring is perceived and evaluated as the most difficult one to conduct its successful implementation.

Bankruptcy and composition body of law regulates crucial elements of processes connected with business development. The settlement of conflicts between creditors on one hand and debtors on the other constitutes the major function of this branch of law. Regulations in this field aim to secure justifiable claims of creditors. The latter can be paid off as a result of following individually negotiated commission agreements, adoption of recovery or liquidate arrangements and also as a consequence of debt enforcement proceedings conducted by licensed trustees.

SDO provides highest quality professional services to entrepreneurs and commercial companies in the field of bankruptcy and composition law – not only in favour of entities having problems with fulfilling their financial obligations, but also creditors, asserting claims against entities delaying timely performance of their contractual duties. We sincerely believe, that our versatile efforts may guarantee successful termination of the most multifaceted cases.

Our experts are professionally qualified in bankruptcy and composition law – our department consists of licensed trustees (with certificates issued by the Minister of Justice), having extensive and comprehensive knowledge, supported by long-term professional experience in working as trustees, judicial supervisor or insolvency office-holders.

SDO supports liquidation proceedings and takes proper care of completion of current affairs, fulfilling obligations, monetizing assets (tangible and fixed property, equipment) and division of any surplus between shareholders.


SDO and Partners, Professional Partnership of Legal Advisors and Attorneys At Law

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Head of section

managing partner / attorney at law / licensed trustee

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attorney at law / licensed trustee

e-mail: bstawarski@sdo.com.pl
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attorney at law / licensed trustee

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attorney at law

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