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dr Maciej Skotarczak

dr Maciej Skotarczak

Managing partner of SDO, attorney at law. Graduate of Law Faculty at two universities: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and German Law Faculty at EUV Viadrina in Frankfurt/O. Legal advisor since 2006, one out of two SDO's founders. Involved in providing comprehensive legal consultancy for various commercial entities (intel alia Drobimex, Scanwood, commercial companies of Investa group, Vortex, Mont-Stal), especially commune-owned enterprises, holding the largest investments in the district (Waste Management Plant Ltd in Szczecin). Notwithstanding to the foregoing, his attention is equally devoted to various local governing entities (Kołobrzeg, Gryfino, Kamieńskie districts; municipals: Międzyzdroje, Rewal, Pyrzyce) and multidimensional, intricate issues they face with on a daily basis. Experienced lecturer, providing his legal economic output to students of Department of Economics at the West-Pomeranian University of Technology. PhD of economic sciences - due to his dissertation on local charges and taxes.

Thoroughly specialised in all legal aspects of local governments' functioning, commercial contracts and real estate management – including comprehensive issues of public charges ad taxes; equally experienced in insurance litigation. Member of supervisory boards of various community partnerships. Fluent in both legal English and German.


  • business law
  • legal consultancy for public finance sector entities
  • real estate management
  • administrative proceedings
  • public finances and local taxes


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