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Wojciech Okrągły

Wojciech Okrągły

Attorney at law and long-term associate of SDO. A graduate of Law and Administration Faculty at the Szczecin University and legal advisory apprenticeship at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Szczecin.

The essential characteristics that distinguish Wojciech from other legal advisors is – beyond any doubt - creativity and openness. His specialty is seeking for remarkable solutions to uncommon legal problems. Excellent negotiator. Familiar, amicable and sociable type.

He specialises in legal consultancy for significant construction investments implemented by public institutions. Notwithstanding, his field of expertise involves public procurement law, which has been focusing his professional attention for many years and constitutes his specialty. Regularly represents our Clients in front of the National Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw.

Construction law fiend; supports both individual entrepreneurs and companies as well as local government authorities. Licensed trustee with the certificate issued by the Minister of Justice. Holds a position in supervisory boards of commercial companies operating on real estate's market. English language skills.

Devoted admirer of vintage moto industry.


  • public procurement law, public finances
  • construction law
  • bankruptcy, recovery and composition law
  • commercial law


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Phone number: +48 600 462 050


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