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Commercial Law and Public Procurement Department

Lawyers of Commercial Law and Public Procurement Department are thoroughly qualified in the broadly understood field of economic and business activity regulations. The numerous group of experts is willing not only to advise in all aspects of public procurement procedure, but also to provide valuable assistance in preparing various contracts as well as render services connected with labour law.

Our comprehensive scope of activity includes significant support in choosing legal form of business activity – supported by an explicit and enequivocal indication of potential risks and benefits, that would possibly ensue as a result of a proposed solution.


1. Legal Consultancy for Entrepreneurs

SDO is deeply committed to rendering ongoing legal services to both companies and individual entrepreneurs, operating on heterogeneous markets. Not only do we take care of legal and debt collection proceedings, but also provide our Clients with necessary advice on labour, tax, administrative and other legal and organizational issues that commercial companies have to face with on a daily basis.
Our aim is simple, but its effects are far-reaching – we attempt to establish unenforced partnership with managers, including full commitment and involvement in entrusted problems – not only common legal consultancy.

2. Corporate Law

SDO actively participates in creating concepts of organisational and investment development of our commercial Clients. We are willing to support entrepreneurs in formulation of assumptions for creation, merger, acquisition and transformation of commercial companies and enterprises.
An inherent element of our service is preparation and holding of shareholders' meetings, as well as providing our Clients with indispensable assistance for supervisory and executive boards' in their everyday corporate activity. Since we have gained a significant experience in exploration of the business field, we do believe we are able to negotiate and achieve a solution in potential corporate disputes.

3. Due Diligence

Our experiences make us truly believe, that our Client needs certainty as to the security of their investments. We take the position that any operation ought to be preceded by in-depth factual and legal evaluation - involving thorough investigation of all aspects of anticipated business activity. Our proceedings with regard to due diligence activity result in a coherent analytical report, including detections of risks accompanied by detailed recommendation for project-based further activities. As we fulfill our duties responsibly and fully devote to entrusted work, we consult independent auditors, environmental scientists, property experts and independent valuators every time we regard it as necessary. We earned trust of domestic and foreign investors thus we have been able to participate in numerous heterogeneous privatisation and acquisition proceedings.

4. Public Procurement Law

SDO is thoroughly prepared to provide legal services in relation to proceedings connected with public procurement. Our lawyers are thoroughly experienced in acting either for behalf of contractors and executors. SDO legal advisors are willing to assist in comprehensive preparation and legal supervision of public procurement proceedings, as well as to provide assistance and information on certain activities undertaken in its particular phases.

5. Energy Law

We perceive ourselves as experts is the field of energy law. We have had a chance to provide assistance to domestic and foreign entities operating in the abovementioned scope of activity, especially in the area of electric power supply and fuels manufacturing, and - what is more – gained significant experience providing services to investments and projects dedicated to renewable energy sources.
We are experienced in representing our Clients in front of the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office in procedures of awarding a concession for the operation on energy industry market.
We constantly consult various business contracts – these regarding connection and distribution of energy supplies, as well as those connected with energy sale. We also prepare legal opinions on highly problematic aspects connected with application of provisions of Energy Law Act and its implementing acts.

6. Excise Tax, Trade of Harmonised Excise Commodities

We are pleased to have gained a trust of Clients operating in fuel, bio-fuel and energy field market thus we are able to share our precious knowledge while providing specific assistance.

7. Medical Law

We are acquainted with rights and obligations either of patients and medical specialists, as well as rules governing functioning of health care centres. Since we earned trust of international medical corporations, we are able to provide services to the biggest entities operating in this field. The broad scientific knowledge and proficiency we have successively been gaining though years of practice has enabled us to support patients seeking justice and compensation due to medical errors they experienced. Our specialists have taken part in creating, transforming and complex liquidation procedures of health care centres – therefore we believe we may constitute priceless support in everyday functioning of such entities.


SDO and Partners, Professional Partnership of Legal Advisors and Attorneys At Law

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