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Michał Myślicki

Michał Myślicki

Attorney at law since 2009, partner of SDO. Amassed his professional experience under the supervision of prof. PhD Teodor Skotarczak. Admittedly, his major expertise field is litigation law, that constitutes his unquestioned specialty. He devotes his professional attention not only to penal and civil cases (including family ones), but also to abstruse legal issues requiring thorough interdisciplinary knowledge. Successfully represents our Clients in preliminary proceedings, administrative cases likewise in pre-litigation negotiations.

Apart from professional experience in litigation, Michał has a long-standing experience in holding managerial and supervisory positions in commercial companies (held a post of liquidator, member of supervisory boards) as well as in the field of multifaceted legal consultancy for entrepreneurs operating on various markets. His equal attention is devoted to legal issues connected with bankruptcy proceedings and academic activity.
Manages to combine thorough experience gained while providing legal advisory for entrepreneurs and skills steadily acquired in the course of providing assistance to individual clients. Comprehensive knowledge enables him to offer multifaceted support for entrepreneurs, managers and family enterprises, involving provision of an adequate assistance and full engagement in their ongoing corporate needs.

Ardent player of classic guitar and inland shipping. English language skills.


  • litigation, legal disputes
  • penal law
  • civil and family law
  • business law, bankruptcy law
  • legal consultancy for entrepreneurs


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