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Patryk Zasuwik

Patryk Zasuwik

Attorney's trainee at The District Bar Council in Szczecin. Graduate of Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Szczecin. His professional experience roots in the stage of study, whereas he was an active member of the Legal Clinic and an associate of law firms operating in Szczecin.

Patryk, as an opened and amicable type, easily establishes new contacts. Admittedly, his useful ability to both quick analysis and fast reaction, as well as to state and contest the arguments smoothly, makes him excellently effective in legal disputes.

Thoroughly experienced in providing legal consultancy for commercial companies, universities and as well as in representing our Clients in front of civil and penal courts.
Oratory passionate - honoured with a title of a laureate of XIV ELSA Poland Oratorical Contest (both in local and nationwide editions of the competition) and numerous successes in Oratorical Contest for Attorney's Trainees.

Experienced in conducting various workshops and trainings for both individual entities and non-governmental organisations.

Patryk's domain for a professional legal activity is finding balance among diversity. The abovementioned attribute, combined with ambition and immense passion for constant betterment in his profession, lets him be always willing not only to take up new challenges, but also to broaden horizons of legal knowledge and professional skills.

Moto industries and new technologies passionate.


  • civil and commercial law
  • family law
  • penal law
  • legal consultancy for universities
  • legal disputes


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phone number: +48 600 457 401


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